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Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)

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I love fall/winter and you don’t understand how much it kills me that I’m trapped in a country with a year-round temperature of 80 degrees fahrenheit with 90% humidity do you even get how torturous this is

so, since it’s technically almost autumn, I updated my 8tracks winter playlist with all of my favourite weird indie-alt-pop-synth-crap songs that really get me going: After Hours by meganfauxx.

Scar | Cloud Control

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August is Over | We the Kings

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too-many-thoughts: If you're not done, please keep going. This is your tumblr, your important people can be remembered on here, too. #illShutUpNow

You rule. Please never stop being so rad.


Photograph by Andri
Looking for new people to shoot with, if interested please feel free to message me.
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  • name: Meg
  • western star sign: Pisces; the two fish
  • western element: Water; emotions
  • chinese zodiac (animal): Goat; the Charmer
  • chinese element: Metal
  • divine number: Three; the communicator
  • yin-yang symbol: Yin
  • druid zodiac (tree): Weeping Willow; the Melancholic
  • divine colour: Aqua; the Adventurous
  • birthstone: Aquamarine; diplomacy
  • planet: Jupiter; temperate
  • day of the week: Monday
  • season:¬†Winter

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I want to hide from everyone forever I’m so tired and sick of being a slave to everyone else ugh seriously please everyone just fuck off