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I think the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around is the fact that things won’t ever be the way they once were. Even if I tried to find your heart again, it would be much different than the way I left it.
- Cassie Marin (via jennayliu)

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oh look
another post about 4/20 
thank god you were there to remind me of the date, I would have been completely lost without your post about marijuana.





At the pub and there’s a pretty attractive guy here I mean he’s dressed like a jaded sailor from the deadliest catch or Steve Zissou but it’s cool because

Wait sorry he just ordered a really nasty cheap type of beer my interest has dwindled

then again I’m drinking vodka and pomegranate juice wtf do I know

His name is Matt.


another oversexed luncheon (by argyle plaids)

looking at this picture makes my heart hurt in a good way


sorry i’m late, professor. im disenchanted with the human experience and waking up every morning thrusts me into an instant existential crisis

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I have redpink hair dye should I use it y/n?

Is it bad that story of my life by one direction makes me cry or

let me tell ya bout ma best freeeend
I would rather die of passion than of boredom.
- Vincent Van Gogh (via quietlemongrass)